Walkable Skylights

Specialty Architectural Products, LLC (SAP, LLC) and Jockimo, Inc have nearly twenty years of experience supplying walkable skylights and exterior glass floors to the North American construction market.

Why Walkable Skylights? Walkable Skylights afford the commercial and residential owner a number of benefits:

  1. Daylighting: allows natural light to cascade into an interior space.
  2. It increases the living space on a roof or deck.
  3. Much safer than a normal skylight.
  4. Provides for a structural walkable surface that contains an anti-slip walking surface.
  5. Thermal (meeting CA Title 24) and acoustical barrier between the exterior and interior spaces.

Working with our framing partners, we are able to provide a total walkable skylight solution, and in many parts of North America, we can include a local installer on our team. Example projects can be found below, and more detailed literature can be found at the link to the right.

Project Highlights

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